Become an ambassador

All Everchat ambassadors get a 10% commission discount and a verified badge next to their channel name.
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Our terms

We're looking for ambassadors in various areas.

Over 1,000 followers

Any creator that reaches at least 1,000 followers is in our terms considered an influencer that has the potential of having impact on making Everchat more popular.

Over 4% engagement rate

Usually the smaller the account, the higher the engagement rate. In order to guarantee a wide inclusion of different creators, we require at least 4% engagement rate.

Update your bio

To get our brand recognition across different platforms and mediums, we require you to update your social media bio to say "Everchat ambassador" somewhere in it.

Promote Everchat

We only succeed when you succeed. Therefore, it is important for both parties that Everchat is being promoted. Our requirement is at least once a month, but feel free to go crazy.

Benefits you get

Pride yourself in becoming a part of something big.

10% commission discount

The commission drops down from 20% to 10%, which will reflect on your monthly payout. For example from 1000 channel members you get $4,491 instead of $3,992.

A free verified badge

You get a free verified badge next to your channel name, which is normally a paid add-on that we offer. Basically, you're saving a $10,000 one-time fee and getting extra visibility.

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